Hensley DVD and Information Package

Most new RVers will sell their new travel trailer after only one or two camping seasons. Why? To be blunt: they are afraid to tow. The biggest cause of this fear is trailer sway. Since trailer sway is the #1 cause of trailer accidents, their fear is justified. 

But it doesn't need to be this way. Download our free report: How to Eliminate Trailer Sway. There you'll find valuable information like:

  • The methods and devices available for controlling trailer sway.

  • What not to count on to control trailer sway.

  • What new products are available to not only control, but eliminate trailer sway altogether.

  • Why your RV dealer is not your best source for sway control information. 

The information provided in our free report will save you thousands in unnecessary RV repairs and greatly improve your enjoyment of RVing. More importantly, your level of safety will be drastically increased. And if you enjoy the journey, you'll be more likely to enjoy the lifestyle for many years to come.

Free DVD and Information Package

"First trip with a 31 foot trailer with a WD hitch was a nightmare all the way to Florida. Thought about selling it in Florida then went ahead and spent the money for a Hensley. Best investment I ever made. Towing is now no problem. Every time I have had a question the people at Hensley were most helpful in answering me."

     - John T. Simmons, Anderson, Indiana